Day 84 - Handmaid's Tale Audiobook is here! (+ Claire Danes)

I just recieved the 2012 audiobook version of Handmaid’s Tale. AND I LOVE IT.

I have tried one audiobook before: The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy. I didn’t like the book as much as everyone else told me they did. I don’t know if it was the weird setting, or an immaturity on my part to appreciate fantasy-ish literature. I know there’s a proper word for that, I can’t remember it now though.

I started hearing the audiobook. They have done a good job of telling people exactly how to move the files onto an iPod and I was able to do it in about 10 minutes with an old Windows 7 laptop. (In retrospect, with the Windows SMB ransomware out there yesterday, this might have been a dodgy move. That ransomware was delivered through spam emails though. The post mortem of that attack will be interesting to read)

The first few chapters are very very shady about the plot of the novel, nothing is given away, nothing is explained explicitly. If a reader were to read / listen to the novel without having read the synopsis of the novel, then they would hardly ever be able to guess what the Ceremony entails for Offred, the Commander and his wife.

I remember a lot of the first part of the book, before the revelation about how they got there. In retrospect, a few days after reading the book for the first time, I can actually appreciate how insane it sounds that the Commander and Offred actually left their house and went to a shady night-club-ish place. Things only escalate from there with the relationship between Offred and Nick, in his room above the garage. That plot point sounds like something I imagined. It’s that weird, when you consider the setup of the house, the country and the government after learning about those things.

(I am talking about Handmaid’s Tale being great in the 84th post of this series. DO NOT, for one second, the irony and coincidence of that is lost on me!)

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