Hey! I am Siddharth Kannan. I am a Software Engineer at Mercari in Tokyo, Japan. This is my blog, the area for my own musings! I write about the books I read, the code I write, the articles, videos and podcasts I find on the Internet, and about experiences that I have in Japan and elsewhere that I think are interesting!

I wrote at various places before settling on this setup. Like a true content creator, I wrote a blog post even about that.

I love Node.js, Golang and Docker. I have been tinkering around with the latter 2 quite a lot lately, and it has been a humbling experience. Both are extremely complicated software that are not anything less than magic, when used as intended. I have done some backend development in the MEAN stack till now. I have also worked with Python, Ruby, PHP and Golang over the years as I work on open source projects.

Vim, tmux, git and Firefox are the major parts of my daily setup! Ubuntu is the OS I have been using for the past few years. I have several gripes with it, but it has to do for now. I have Windows too, but I mostly use it to play NFS Hot Pursuit. That game has worked on every Windows PC I have tried to run it on, and it’s a no-bells-and-whistles racing game. I have stuck with it for a few years, and probably will for a few more!

Check out my open-source projects on GitHub. Check out my NPM modules at NPM. I watch too many TV series and incessantly talk about them on Twitter.