Day 70 - The existence of a Kurt Cobain biopic;

This is definitely going to be unique. I am writing from an airport. Yeah, typing stuff on a laptop (even if it is gibberish or this) is an experience worth recording somewhere. I am in the Calcutta Airport, waiting to get on a flight to Chennai in about 90 minutes from now.

The shenanigans of gettting to the airport are hard enough, if you live in IIT Kharagpur or studied there. You get on a taxi from the institute to the KGP train station, a train to Howrah (one of Calcutta’s train stations), then get on a taxi from Howrah to the airport. There are so many legs you must go through to do a simple 2 hour flight.

Yesterday, 28th April 2017 was the last day of Semester 8. I definitely plan to write a semester review post, this is not going to be that. That has to be “written”.

In retrospect, after the United Airlines and (disproportionately) high number of incidents related to airports and air travel in the past 4 months, I am not really nervous by any accounts. Excited would sum it up more accurately, I think. Demented, some might complain.

Yesterday, I had a conversation about movies, Movies that are must watch movies and I was told about Montage of Heck (2015). It’s a Kurt Cobain biography movie thingy! KURT COBAIN <3 <3 <3. I have seen his interview clips (almost all of them) from the 1990s, and the persona of coolness that he exudes is incredible! YOU must fall in love with him.

Apparently, it’s a cartoon movie intercut with actual montages of his old photos! This is going right to the top of my watchlist for now.

POST #70 is OVER