Day 50 - HALF WAY MARK, tweets_analyzer repository


I have been writing a daily blog post for the past 50 days. A lot happened and through that time, and I will probably write a summary of all of it once I am totally done with the #100DaysOfWriting challenge.

Today, I ran the x0rz/tweets_analyser repository using a Twitter API key and I must say that the data that it threw out was very very fun!

Of course, I first analyzed my Twitter account: @_icyflame

In the timings that I have tweeted in most over the past 1000 tweets (in 372 days or there abouts), I have NEVER tweeted between 3 am - 4 am and between 5 am and 7 am. I would have believed that I would have probably tweeted at all times of day atleast by now!


The break up for different week days wasn’t interesting. The distribution was almost uniform throughout the week. I had only one Geotagged tweet and that was from Kharagpur! So, I think I am doing pretty well there, security wise.

Most used Hashtags was surprising though. I would have definitely thought it should have been Homeland, but it was GameOfThrones by a narrow single occurence!


Atleast @SHO_Homeland was my most mentioned user. That amounts to some redemption. I do love Homeland much much more than I love the 6th season of GoT.

And finally, the domains of the URLs that I keep tweeting. Most of them are goodreads, considering that all of my activity gets mirrored here this is not surprising. After Goodreads, the common ones are my blog’s domain, Youtube and None of that is surprising in the least!


I went on to analyse @dhh, @CaseyNeistat, @MKBHD, @eevee. All of these accounts are very active accounts. Their last 1000 tweets came in at the last 72, 128, 85, and 14 days. There’s a lot of insight to be gained about sleep cycles and the people they follow and are closely connected to.

This is a great tool! I have wanted to build something of this sort for git for so long now. I think I already said this in an earlier post here, but I do really want to build this. (In one of Linus Torvalds’ interviews, he said that he ran some analyses and found that most kernel developers now work between standard times like 9-6. I don’t know how he found that out, but it probably took him a few minutes to write the whole thing in C or bash(?). I have a feeling he didn’t use a wrapper like Grub or git-ruby to write that.

I also stumbled onto this discussion on r/sociology about the latest r/place experiment. I think this is the right place to get more insight on what really happened there and what all people could read from it! I saw the Timelapse video. It game me some perspective over the HUGENESS of the canvas and there were so many thing going on at the same time that it was very hard to follow through manually. I wrote down what I thought about some of the major battles that I could notice after watching the timelapse a couple of times.

POST #50 is OVER