Day 49 - Western Groups in the wee hours, MFQP PR 30, Homeland finale

Today is going to be an interesting day. My day isn’t over yet, not in theory anyway. The Western Groups Interhall event is going to happen in about 4 hours(?) from now. There’s no way to know when it would happen.

I finally opened PR #30: Add ability to pre-fill the search bar from URL param. This particular change has been on my fork of this repository for quite a long time. It should find it’s way into the repository’s master branch soon. The most important functionality that it would add to MFQP would be the addition of mfqp as a search engine in Chrome! So, typing mfqp TAB query ENTER should complete the search. Earlier, the process was to go to https:\/\/ and then type the query into the search box manually. This would make using MFQP slightly more pleasant!

The Homeland season finale is going to drop on Sunday! I am so excited about that, especially because of all the new plot points that were introduced in 6.11. Rupert Friend has been doing the rounds on all the morning shows and the late night shows promoting and answering questions about Homeland and this is the first time that he has started levitating towards the lead actor Emmy and not the supporting actor Emmy which he was nominated for once.

The other names being thrown up are Sterling Brown’s Chris Darden from People vs. O J Simpson and Reese Witherspoon’s Madeline from beloved BigLittleLies! All three played complex characters and unfortunately, I am too biased towards Claire Danes to support anyone except Rupert Friend, but I think they might all have a good chance! (And there will obviously be people from TV series that I haven’t watched, right? RIGHT?) The Emmys are in September this year which is an incredibly long way off, so everything right now is too early anyway.

Unfortunately, I haven’t made any progress with Emma ever since. I have started working on my final Bachelors thesis report now. It’s a latex document that’s already been prepared, template / fonts / external packages wise. I just need to write stuff and then run the script. I have a similar setup for all my Latex projects. This script takes care of annoying stuff like the deletion of the log and aux files that are created when a TEX file is built with xelatex.

I removed gnome-keyring yesterday, things are still fine. The password entry from inside the terminal isn’t too annoying at all! And I use GPG so rarely that it doesn’t matter anymore.

POST #49 is OVER