Day 24 - Rambling about the Ubuntu 16.04 bug a little bit more

I didn’t watch Revenant, actually. In the day 21 post, I said I would watch it, but I couldn’t watch it. I started watching it, but they weren’t getting to the point. I had a similar reaction to Avatar when I saw it for the first time, I loved it afterwards. So, I will try again some time soon.

I started the day with this tweet which I thought indicated the end of my troubles with the left click on the mouse not working with a new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installation on a Dell laptop. It was not, I faced the problem again about 12 hours after the tweet, and I tried this but the problem didn’t fix itself. Interestingly, on disabling the ID that the DLL device shows, it simply re-appears with a new ID. This happened earlier also, but I thought this was somehow the fix. I tried disabling the complete pointer and that didn’t work either.

This bug has been reported before with Ubuntu 9.10 (yeah, that’s about 8 years ago) on Launchpad. The only way to reproduce this bug that is mentioned on this bug page is to “Click inside a Flash screen”. From the lengthy discussion on the bug there, it is clear that this is most probably a window manager issue. Changing window managers is rather easy on Ubuntu, you install something and it shows up in the sessions and you change, it’s not that big a deal, to be honest. I would change as soon I find something that I like. I have tried Tiling WMs like i3 in the past, and they didn’t work out for me. They were just too weird and completely radical compared to everything that I have become used to. Maybe some other window manager! I have found this webpage dedicated to offering users choice! Just what I was looking for.

I read quite a bit of Handmaid’s Tale yesterday. I am about 1/3rd of my way through that book, it is disturbing. Deeply disturbing. I would not compare it to 1984, because 1984 was about setting the scene as soon as possible and explaining the character’s dilemmas in that strict system. This book is more about a character who has accepted her situation, and slowly revealing the situation that she is in, and the life that she had before she walked into this one. I have read the synopsis so I know a little bit too much, I wonder how it must have felt to have read the book without reading the synopsis, which decidedly gives away a lot. (It would have taken atleast 45 pages for a reader who hasn’t read the synopsis to understand what was going on with all the women wearing red, whose names all start with “Of” WHY?)

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