Rolling into production!

Ruby on Rails <3

Finally, we have rolled out our first ever production application written in Ruby on Rails. And by “we” I mean the Students’ Alumni Cell. This is the first time that SAC has deployed a RoR app. We have been joint at the hips with PHP and CodeIgniter for some time.

The application is the Mentorship Portal, which is a centralized portal for the registration of mentors and students, and at a later point in time, we will also do the allotments through this portal. It’s an application written in RoR.

There are some things about this application that I really want to say now:

That’s about it!

Lately, I have also been writing an application in Django. It’s a pretty simple application and could be developed in RoR within a couple of hours. But surprising is the fact that even in Django, which I was using for the first time, it did not take me more than 4 hours, in total to get the working application. I have not yet deployed it or open-sourced it on GitHub because there are a still a lot of refinements that I want to make and a lot of testing I want to do. (I have written the authentication system, so yeah. A helluva lot of testing is left to do!) I will probably write a post about this soon!

I found this post by Rahul Mishra regarding the Phusion Passenger setup!