Podcast Review - Oct 2018

Note: The only series on this blog is still the 100 days of writing I did last year. I keep starting series and never writing the second post in that series. I really do hope this one is different. Specially because I want to keep track of the great podcasts that I listen to over the years. In fact, just to ensure that I get this done, I am adding this to my calendar. It’s a monthly 2 day event (from 27th-29th). I am repeating it for the next 1 year, we will see how I do then.

I have been listening to a lot more podcasts lately (Courtesy: 30 minute commute to work and random walks around the streets of Tokyo). And I have actually heard a lot more great content that I can believe! It has just been one great episode after another. Seriously. I am not even kidding. I started listening to the serious Ezra Klein Show at a point where I had run out of Daily (NYT) episodes. The Daily (NYT) has a huge list of episodes that I absolutely loved! Here are a few episodes that I highly recommend:

That’s it for entry 1 of this series. (Maybe the only way to keep a series up is to not call them “series”-es in the first place. WAIT, WHAT?)