Music Update - August 2017

Ah, so now, I can finally get to it! (I have been wanting to write this article since August 31, but something kept getting in the way. Also, writing it is sort of a hassle because I have to get the screenshots etc. So, maybe I was putting it away.) On with it!

Quickly: There’s a recommendations section at the end. It has 3 songs I think you should listen to. If you are not interested in my droning on and on about lyrics and throwbacks and percieved similarities, press END on your keyboard and check those three songs out!

This month was about two TV shows: the Atypical Season 1 soundtrack and a couple of songs that come up in Modern Family!


The first two tracks are from Modern Family. The first one’s really old and I hadn’t ever heard of it. It’s a beautiful story to listen to!