Old Habits Die Hard, Criminal show - GET IT

I find myself thinking about what to write every day. This has been happening everyday since the end of the 100 days.

A general update, is what this post is.

I am reading Apt Pupil. The book has gone literally nowhere since I started it. Since this is a book of four stories, I don’t even know how much of it I have read, it must be 20-30 pages and the book is slowly progressing somewhere. This initial period of intrigue that exists right before the explosive event and the chase that happens in the end + climax of the book seems to be a common theme in Stephen King books.

I have also been raving about the Criminal show: a podcast which I found on Radio Public. The show is incredible! I have always liked short audio stuff like this, because the recording is done in a studio and once the sound is mixed, the output is incredibly personal. It feels like the person is talking to you through the phone, on a really good connection. Episodes are also 20 minutes which is my daily commute time! There is also something deeply interesting and intriguing about the stories that they pick.

I am also discovering new content on Radio Public, there seem to be several good shows. (99% Invisible is another good show. I am listening to episode 229: The Trend Forecast right now!)

I must admit that I am relieved about not having to write every day!