Day 94 - Starting Shawshank Redemption + Good Will Hunting

Next up: Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King. I read my Stephen King book a few months back, and I promised to read more Stephen King this year. Different Seasons (the set of 4 novellas) is the perfect way to get started. All the four novellas are small enough for me to be able to be confident enough that I will finish each soon.

(It’s also a convenient way to cheat through the Goodreads reading challenge and mark 1 HUGE book as four books. I don’t know of any other Stephen King book that would afford that particular oppurtunity.

Good Will Hunting is the next movie I would like to tackle, I didn’t finish watching it just yet. It has been a great movie till now, especially Skylar’s character and the actress playing her. With her British accent, and her studying to be a doctor, Matt Damon is simply chicken-ing out of the relationship that could probably mean a lot more, if he would just try. I hope they get together by the end of the movie.

I also see that Mike Ross’ character in Suits is heavily inspired from Will Hunting. Both of them had a rocky childhood, can immediately assimilate a lot of pages of material and understand it. One line that Mike Ross had in Suits rather early in the season when everyone was so awed with his ability to remember everything that he saw once: “Once I see something, I understand it. Once I understand it, I never forget it.” It is a shame that show went to the dumps just 6 seasons later. Come to think of it, after the initial awestrucked-ness of everyone with Mike’s abilities and Harvey’s swag (for lack of a better word?), there was nothing propelling the story forward except for some petty (in retrospect) office politics.

After Mike’s secret is revealed to the world, there is absolutely nothing to go forward with. They should have ended the series with him going to jail. A lot of other people agree with my assessment of this series. Have a look at the viewership graphs on Wikipedia for Suits through the seasons. The drop from season 1 and even season 2 and 3 is noticeable.

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