Day 93 - Watching Alien Covenant + Strolling on M.G Road

I finished reading Daughter of Time today! -> Goodreads review

Today will be one of the few days that I have been able to post well before midnight AND on the same day as the post is due to be out. I think as this endeavour comes to an end, I would like to be able to make the last 7 posts on time. Ending on a high, is what it is called, I think.

I watched Alien: Covenant today. It was so totally on a whim. It’s a GREAT movie though. Saying anything more about it will almost certainly spoil the plot for the reading-between-the-lines sort of readers of this blog.

Michael Fassbender does an amazing job playing a robot (“synthetic human being”). One question that comes to mind is whether an actor who can play a synthetic with apparently no emotions is a GREAT actor or a really bad one.

One line in the movie that can be divulged without spoiling the movie, as long as no context is provided is:

serve in heaven or reign in hell?

As is perhaps obvious from my writing that line in a heading block, I absolutely loved this line. I am sure this wasn’t the first time that this line has come up. But it really struck me when it was delivered. There are a lot of archaic references, both to literature and music, in this movie. There is something about robots and archaic references, I have seen them often now.

Shutter Island remains unwatched. Surprisingly, I fell asleep EXACTLY at the same point I fell asleep when I was first watching the movie. I distinctly remember the scene as being the one in which the two detectives were orderly’s clothes and walk into Ward C and there’s this water dripping or something as they walk through a hallway.

That scene is so unsufferably devoid of mystery and despite that, it’s a SLOW SLOW scene where things don’t come to a crescendo soon enough. I wonder what people who love the movie think about the scene. The beginning of the movie, till that scene, has been ominous and something seems off. (Especially about the orderly who puts Leo to bed after he has the weird so-called “migraine”)

Now, I intend to find a new book to read.

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