Day 92 - Shutter Island Rewatch + Departures - Silverstein

Shutter Island vs. Inception. I immediately picked Shutter Island, ironically, I know Inception’s story and even the little subtleties of the screenplay, storytelling, dialogues, the flights, the characters, the levels etc etc way better than Shutter Island which I watched only once. I decided to fix that and watch the whole movie again.

The Circle is out. I wanted to read that book before the movie came out and then I could go to the movies and watch the movie and decide what I liked better: A few hundred pages or Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. I decided to do that one year ago with Great Expectations (Dickens) and Fitoor. I managed to finish the book and watch the movie in one of the last days that it was in the theatres in Calcutta. This year, it was not to be. One of the Gillian Flynn novels is coming out as a TV series soon, THAT should be interesting.

I have found one more song that I can obsessively listen to. Departures (acoustic) by Silverstein. I have nothing against the rock version of this song, which has a little bit of growling and lots of electric guitar. It’s just that I like the acoustic version better because of how it manages to convey the mood of the songwriter despite being so obviously deprived of instruments.

I am going to go back to watching the movie and then reading Daughter of Time (maybe) and hopefully, finishing it this weekend.

Also, this is today’s post, being posted today. I am finally back on track, with 7 more posts to go. The time from 18th February to now has gone by rather fast, it’s been 3 months and 2 days since I started this challenge!!

POST #92 is OVER