Day 91 - Daughter of Time disoriented me, so a Glossary

The Daughter of Time is a slight disorienting book. It is about a historical murder (or not?) and dates back four centuries. The names are all extremely confusing (of the characters in the book that the main character is reading). For now, Alan, the Matron, the two nurses, Marta, Brent and Laura seem to be the only ones in the main story that matter. There’s also a Sergeant, and a Super who never enters the picture (Thankfully!)

On the historical side though, things are murky as hell. Richard III is the character of interest, he has an elder brother by ten years Edward. I don’t know what number this Edward was though, IV seems like a good guess. He also had another elder brother called George whose children were not given the throne because someone said that they were illegitimate. Richard had a wife who was one of his neices. A sister to the two litte boys who have apparently been murdered by Richard III.

Some other characters that have made an appearance till now are Cecily Nevill, Richard and Edward’s mom. A Woodvill woman who was Edward’s wife and all of her relatives who are all upstarts.

I also know that the circumstances surrounding Edward’s death and Richard’s actions right after his death were all textbook good younger brother and there was no reason to believe that he had any motive to murder his dead brother’s only two sons just then. They investigation is still on (and will remain so for about 47% of the remaining part of the book).

I wonder if anyone uses Foursquare anymore. Back when I installed it, it was a really good looking app. Now, it’s a normal looking app but it took me to a great Chinese restaurant somewhere in the middle of Koramangala yesterday. Hunan, it was called. Definitely recommended.

(Hunan was also the name of the restaurant that Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer and the gang go to in Seinfeld in NYC in the 90s!)

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