Day 78 - Re-watching Homeland season 1; Claire Danes <3

I have been rewatching Homeland episodes. Season 1, starting right from the pilot. I can’t get enough of Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin before they became infinitely more matured and started handling actual, credible threats instead of gut feelings about someone who is off.

carrie brody

Those are the last few moments of Homeland 1.4: Semper I. Carrie just met Brody for the first time alone. Her smile says a lot here, she was struck by him right from the first time they met. I never noticed the subtlety with which these episodes were shot.

They way being a voyeur into Brody’s life made her feel bad, but she watched anyway because she still believed that even in those moments he might give something essential away. That quality stayed with her through 5 seasons. She watches Quinn’s painful video several hundred times, until she finds the tile design that eventually leads to them finding him.

It’s surprisingly how less their character traits have all changed, having a constant set of writers makes a huge difference in the continuity that a show maintains. Changing writers will always change the style of a show, and viewers will give up. Alex Gansa has done Homeland justice.

Do I think Homeland should end soon? Well, I don’t see any reason for them to end it. The story hasn’t gotten repetitive yet, they are still coming up with new plot points and insane insane twists that can’t be seen despite 5 seasons of material.

Did Quinn have a good exit from the show? HELL YEAH. I am sure Rupert will be back in past sequences in the next season, it’s a good old trick to keep the transition from Rupert to no-Rupert smooth. I am glad for that, but his character had become something that had only two goals, like one Reddit user aptly summarised it. “He has to get together with Carrie now, or die. I don’t see them killing him after this much groundwork that went into his character and building him to this point.” That served as a source of hope and inspiration, until the episode released. He had a good exit. Rupert Friend will return as another different character somewhere else, I am sure. I shall wait eagerly for that.

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