Day 77 - Next book that I am going to read, List of TV series to catch up on grows

Cruising Attitude (Heather Poole) is my next read. It’s about a flight attendant’s view into making a flight work right. She had 15 years of experience before she penned down this book. This book also featured in a recent NYTimes article about conflict de-escalation, published in the aftermath of the United Airlines fiasco.

Several TV series are now running at the same time. Handmaid’s Tale, Silicon Valley Season 4, and Veep season 6. Lucifer’s Season 2 is resuming in two days! Prison Break’s season 5 started a few weeks ago, in a surprising turn of events, Michael turns out to be alive. Extremely strange! Sucre and T-Bag are still in the story, that should be a good watch.

I am listening now to Breaking Benjamin’s album Phobia now.


I spent all my material on Day 78 (which should have been after this post, but there was a slight ordering issue). It was about re-watching the first season of Homeland. I decided that I had re-watched enough Seinfeld (I have now watched almost every episode twice, and a few episodes upto 5-6 times, like The Stall, the one in which they get stuck in the parking lot and the episode in which they go to Hamptons to see the ugly baby)

POST #77 is OVER