Day 75 - (Day 1 at Elanic) Books are being made into movies, left and right

In the latest (April, actually) news, there are a few more book to screen adaptations that are scheduled to come out this year. Gillian Flynn’s final novel which hasn’t been adapted yet, Sharp Objects, is coming out as a series on HBO starring AMY ADAMS! After Arrival, she probably needs to step up her game to play the frontwoman.

More Stephen King with It and Dark Tower. It is HUGE, it’s about 1000 pages and I am not going to commit to that book anytime in the near future, which is reason enough to be excited for the adaptation. I don’t know how long Dark Tower is, but if it is anywhere more than 400 pages, I am going to skip it.

The Circle has been on my list for a while now, it should have been read before Emma actually. It’s also a considerably long book, and I am not sure whether now is the right time to start it. The adaptation is coming out very soon (or is already out). I could rush to finish reading the book and then see the adaptation in a theatre, the practicality of that plan isn’t something I can attest to.

Murder on the Orient Express goes onto my list, I don’t like reading Agatha Christie too much, but this one was really hyped up by everyone who read it. It might be well worth the hype.

Today was Day 1 of my 2 month internship at Elanic.

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