Day 73 - Day 1 in Bangalore; Anticipation

I am now in Bangalore. An interesting fact: The past three days, at 4 pm, I was in three different cities. 29th April: Kolkata, 30th April: Chennai and 1st May: Bangalore. I bet this is how Perry Wright (from Big Little Lies) feels.

There is a line in that book that stuck with me. There are several quotes that I still remember, because of the whole book + TV series thing, this one is definitely my favourite. They are speaking about Perry in general, and Celeste mentions how much he has to travel for work, and how he has to go around the world. And the other character replies, “Perry lives a rather exotic life, huh”. Travel suggests an exotic tinge to life, and that’s the way it has been, even though people who travel a lot for work are universally envied, their jobs are universally less appealing to everyone.

A very very happy turn of events is my progress with Emma! I am now done with 80% of the book! There’s still 90 pages of reading to be done, but I am feeling a lot better now, I plan to quickly complete reading this book and turn on to the next one. I have been stuck with this one book for long enough now. Not that I am complaining, but the commitment of huge books is not something that I am upto anymore. They take too long! (This was only 460 pages, compare that to the 5 ASOIAF giants at ~1000 pages each)

Handmaid’s Tale is out now, but on Hulu which doesn’t have service in India, sadly. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are now in India as well, but the content segregation across these two services is too high. Half the comics have their specials on Amazon Prime. Vir Das now has a special on Netflix! There is no “over-arching” service which one might subscribe to and be assured to get all the latest entertainment. (I haven’t even mentioned HBO GO and Hotstar. HBO GO isn’t even available in India yet, but has almost all the HBO shows: Veep and Silicon Valley, both of which have an ongoing season right now)

Fragmentation across entertainment services is highly undesirable, I wish someone would fix this.

Forward looking P.S. Handmaid’s Tale’s Audio CD is on it’s way, I think. I am excited about that too. My laptop doesn’t have a disk drive, which would be a minor problem to get through before I can listen to the book

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