Day 65 - Handmaid's Tale performed by Claire Danes, Fargo (1996) - DISTURBING

Handmaid’s Tale was released as an audiobook. That’s not the best part of the news. The best part: It is narrated by CLAIRE DANES. OH MY!

I found the above excerpts on Audible’s Soundcloud, and they are DOPE!. This audiobook also has some new material, that was added by Margaret Atwood herself!

The TV series of this book is going to premiere on 26th April, in 3 days. The trailer for that series (which is going to be on Hulu) is also stirring. There’s a lot of new material for this book coming out this year. AH, SUCH GREAT TIMES!

I was rather stunned with the Audiobook version that Claire Danes performed. I have since found that there are two versions here, in 2013, Claire Danes performed this book for the first time. THat won a few awards and was wildly popular.

Now, it seems she has performed this again(?) or they have used the same audio again. From the reviews on the new Audible listing, it seems that they added scenes to the audiobook, an essay, an afterword by the author herself, a Q&A with the professor (which appears as an epilogue in the book), but the main voice acting that Claire Danes did has been left unchanged. The old listing for the MP3 CD that has the older audiobook is great! I think I will pick that up.

Audible’s pricing is pretty confusing too, I am not sure if it’s a subscription or if you can simply buy a single book and be done with it. Why does it have to be so confusing? Amazon seems to have made buying Books and e-Books simpler, but Audible is still a confusing maze that I have been stuck in. (I would love to use the trial and buy this book, but would it then mean that I will have this book forever or it will just lapse after 30 days and I won’t have access anymore?)

There’s also this YouTube promotional video that was released in 2012:

The quiver in her voice when she talks about “Her Story” is very recognizable from her difficult scenes in Homeland (especially the one in which Quinn ( :( ) and Carrie shoot a video to show Franny in the previous season).

I watched Fargo (1996) today. The fact that these events actually happened in reality is pretty disturbing.

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