Day 62 - Frustratingly stalled at 40% of Emma, Juicero meltdown, Plastc shutdown despite $9 million

Emma has been out of this blog for a few posts now. I have made absolutely no progress with it! Frustratingly, I am still stuck at around 38%. With exams Saturday, and 4 days of the next week, there is absolutely no way to read any more.

There was no resisting such news, no possibility of avoiding the influence of such a happy face as Mr. Weston’s, confirmed as it all was by the words and the countenance of his wife, fewer and quieter, but not less to the purpose.

– Mr. Weston just told Emma that Frank was going to visit the next day, at dinner time.

Okay, I read till about 40% in the past 15 minutes. This was the first time that Frank meets Emma, I have a feeling I know how this is going to go. So, basically, Emma loves Frank, but Frank loves Jane Fairfax(?) or Harriet. Harriet is definitely a stretch, because Frank appears to be the cunning wolf-kinda guy. All of this complete speculation, I am rather confident in it though.

Juicero had a meltdown, sort of. Bloomberg published a video that said the juice can be squeezed by hand, and the machine wasn’t needed, and Juicero’s CEO immediately shot back on Medium and offered to refund everyone who bought their Juicer machine.

That means that if you send us your Press, we’ll refund the money you paid for it. Period.

For starters, that’s a really really good save. While how many people might actually refund their machines, is still to be seen, I think most people will probably not do it. The convenience that a $400(!!!) juicepress machine offers is much much higher than the hand squeezed juice that could be made out of the same packets.

I wish Uber had execs like these who would come out right after something bad happens, talk about their product, apologise, accept that they need to improve and TAKE ACTION! Unfortunately, they don’t.

And while that was happening, a plastic card company that promised a single card that could store a lot of cards closed down. Amid really unusual circumstances, they had about $9 million in pre-orders and couldn’t close two rounds of about $8 million dollars in funding. How could they possibly need $17 million to send out pre-orders? It’s very unusual.

Where have we seen this before? One word: Coin.

Coin was acquired by FitBit and there has been no word since, they ran their service for some time, and after that they shut down everything. What is it about these digital cards and companies that make them not making it?

POST #62 is OVER