Day 58 - Reddit karma now at 978, animals see themselves in a mirror and Gnome's weird semantic versioning conventions

Today my Reddit comment karma increased a bit more. It actually moved slowly towards 1000. It’s 978 right now. This particular comment got me 388 KARMA! WHAT?! STAGGERING.


Anyway, I also read an article about how animals might recognise themselves in the mirror. The tests are admittably absurd and although they appear legit, I feel like the opposition to it have a very very valid point. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting article and you should definitely give it a read.

Nautilus is, in general, a great publication. I subscribed to their mailing list which sends out emails every day (or more frequently?) with links to atleast 4-5 articles and I am never able to complete reading them by the end of the day. That eventually ends up in a lot of unread email that never gets read and eventually gets archived. I wish there was a simpler way to make a note of articles that I really want to read (by looking at the headline and the first few paragraphs of the article).

THe other Nautilus (File Manager on Ubuntu) that I ranted about yesterday became rather anti-climactic, when I posted the same thing on r/ubuntu and u/TingPing promptly informed me that I didn’t have the latest version of Nautilus installed.

Gnome 3 uses a weird semantic versioning convention system that leads to 3.14 being the 7th major release (because only even numbers are major releases) and the latest stable release is 3.24. Ubuntu apparently ships by default and only allows the older release to be installed through their software repositories. The only way for me to fix this right now is to download the source and build Nautilus for myself. If the partition irritation is solved, then the ordeal would have been well worth it.

Initial build failed because of the absence of a package called gio2. I hope to pick this up some time in the near future and see if building solves the problem.

ONWARDS and UPWARDS! (George says this in a Seinfeld episode)

POST #58 is OVER