Day 57 - Double-Entry Book-keeping; Homeland Season 6 Finale - Let's talk

In yesterday’s post (which I posted about an hour ago), I said that I was going to figure out how GnuCash worked. I made short work of that, and I have ended up learning what the basics of Double Entry Bookkeeping are:

The whole software makes a lot of sense now. I have setup the initial entry to get started with the expense stuff (I like the report feature, hopefully I should be able to generate some meaningful reports in a few months).

I think it’s finally time to talk about the Homeland Season 6 finale. Yeah, I should get this out of the way.


There’s a reason that spoiler notice is in HUGE font, I have often seen people disregard that and I have been tempted to disregard it often. The couple times that I did do it, I tried really really hard to forget the spoiler, which only ended up solidifying the spoiler in my head. (Eventually, I ended up not watching the thing and waiting for about 6 months or something and then coming back to watch it, that way the spoiler even if remembered comes to my mind only at a much later stage)

So, Quinn dies. Saul lives. Keane lives and when Dar Adal says “There’s something off about her”, he was SO RIGHT. Keane has basically started her war against the intelligence community. The stage for this whole thing starts with a plot to assasinate Keane that is foiled by Carrie’s weird intuition and a phone call from guess who? DAR ADAL. This one dialogue stuck in my head:

Carrie: Quinn? Are you seeing this they are evacuating the hotel. Quinn? Dar: This isn’t Quinn, Carrie. What’s going on? Carrie: Fuck you, Dar Dar: Listen to me, and listen very carefully. The President-elect’s life is in danger … Under no circumstances, allow her motorcade to leave the hotel. Do you hear me? Carrie: Why not? Dar: Because that hotel has been vetted for months. Swept thoroughly and repeatedly. The bomb-scare is a ruse to get her out on the street

Eventually, Carrie does stop the motorcade and Keane is saved. Quinn has to lay down his life to save Keane. Quinn dies. It was a SAD SAD MOMENT. Rupert Friend played one of the best characters in this show, from the first scene that Quinn walks in on Carrie during a mission (Dar sends him) and Carrie thinks he’s there spying for Dar and he helps her out. From then till his last scene, not once did he let Carrie down. The shootout where there are three people in the car with the mole inside the embassy, Quinn comes through for her. Carrie then stays back and searches for Quinn and figures out where he is.

TL; DR Quinn was my favourite character, has been for the past two seasons. Carrie is the lead character, so her being a favourite is no surprise. Quinn though. Oh, QUINN.

After a six week jump, Carrie is still working for the president and is some kind of a liason between the President and the intelligence community. O’Keefe still continues his rhetoric (which is infuriating but you know he’s not going to change and he doesn’t do much damage, so let him rant). Max and Carrie cry in the heartbreaking scene where they look at the photos that Quinn has. There’s a smiling picture of Carrie in them along with his son’s photos.


I wish they would give him some sort of a prequel episode where he is with the mother of his son and how they came about to be together and what he did that separated them. I wish they would bring Rupert Friend back, even if it is just for a cameo in one episode in season 7. I would say there’s a non-trivial chance of them doing it because Quinn has quickly risen to become one of the most beloved characters across the Internet. (Not to mention #EmmyForRupert)

All in all, this season has been one of the best TV show renewals. They have definitely recreated the magic, suspense, the thriller in the plot that was there in Seasons 1 and 2. At the same time, they have managed to provide the PERFECT setup for the next season with Keane going all rogue and imprisoning Saul (Dar was already in prison). HELL YEAH!

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