Day 51 - Writing tex, music I heard through the day, r/BigLittleLies and bad critics

I spent most of today staring at a tex document inside vim. I was listening to some different kind of music throughout the day actually. I started with RHCP’s Stadium Arcadium. Specifically, the three songs Stadium Arcadium, Hey and Snow. I LOVE Hey. “HEY, Oh yeah, How long?”

Then, I switched over to The Neighbourhood’s #icanteven, which is a nice upbeat rap included song. The beat is really good to get you out of sleep and really concentrate on the text on your screen. Or anything else, really. Now, I am listening to Arctic Monkeys. I somehow always end up listening to them. Either AM or Favourite Worst Nightmare or Suck It and See. One of those three albums. Their whole discography has so much variety and the song sequences of the whole album are set in my mind so I know what’s coming before the song plays. It’s a great feeling, knowing what song is going to play next.

While AM and RHCP are pretty popular, I always got the feeling that The Neighbourhood didn’t get as famous as they should have for all their songs except the smash hit Sweater Weather. While I love that song, the top 10 songs on their Spotify page are all good!


Sweater Weather has an incredible 212 Million plays, but it’s really surprising that people didn’t click through the artist and come to this page and play their other songs. One track minds for almost everyone out there, I guess. Anyway, I am glad I went to their artist page and heard their other songs and one of their albums. If you are reading this, and haven’t heard the songs in the above screenshot, go right ahead and listen to them!

Yesterday, I contemplated writing a post about the music I like going in a chronological order, starting somewhere in the 80s but it was too great a project and I would inevitably miss someone or the other out. Even when I was trying to make a list in my head for myself, I was missing out on a lot of artists that I like and listen to very often, like Ed Sheeran, no less!! I will do it some day soon, maybe after Thursday’s Bachelor’s thesis presentation. There should be enough time for that and other such ambitious projects then.

Big Little Lies ended last Monday. I was disappointed about the things they changed from the books, other than that I was glad about the binocular scene at the end and the zippo closing shut, it was probably the woman detective who was doing that. I posted a link to r/BigLittleLies about Season 2 and that link earned me my first Link karma, and about 20 more after that! I didn’t realise that I would miss Perry this much though.

Another link that was posted on this subreddit was this thread about how male reviewers didn’t understand BLL. I read the criticism of the reviews, and then I read the reviews themselves, and I found them to have grossly overlooked the complete show. In fact, the most startling comment in the NY Post review was this:

Instead, we’re subjected to scenes of the S&M sex games played by Celeste and her husband, Perry (a one-dimensional Alexander Skarsgard)

Not even the most distracted viewer of ALL 5 episodes of the show, as the author claims to be, would refer to Perry’s abuse of Celeste as S&M games. To pass comments on a show without even seeing it properly, when it’s your JOB. How do these critics get away with it?

I read both reviews through and noted down all the gross mistakes in those reviews. I won’t call them mistakes because they weren’t mis-understandings of the show, they were presumptions from having watched the show for 5 minutes and then trying to pass judgement on the show. Incredibly short sighted authors and reviewers: Mike Hale and Robert Rorke. I wish they would up their game and write a respectable review that actually HIT the things that were bad with this show, if they could find anything.

Also, I noticed that many articles were asking for a season 2 just so we could have another stellar soundtrack. Season 1 had some of the best BGM in the show, probably after Westworld and Game of Thrones, this is one of the most memorable soundtracks. Although, most of the songs were not originals composed for this show, they fit the situation perfectly in every case and that’s what I care about!

POST #51 is OVER