Day 47 - Updated About page after 2 years, Homeland 6.11 complicates the TV show more

I updated my About page. I should have done that a long time ago, I last updated that page on March 31, 2015. That’s two years and 1 week before today! A HUGE amount of time in which my outlook about a lot of things has changed. I glanced at the diff again and I noticed the change in the tone of the text in that page. Having written history to compare yourself to past selves is an interesting experience, sometimes my past naivete intrigues me in the same way that understanding after learning something, it’s hard to imagine a time when didn’t know that thing. I am pretty sure that whole situation is called something, I don’t know what the search term should be though, so I am going to let it go.

AH! I saw Homeland’s 6.11 episode. It created some new troubles for Carrie and Quinn and ended again with a bang. Apparently, Claire Danes said over the past few days when she’s been doing the rounds talking about the season finale that the finale will leave the viewers happy. At this stage, I have absolutely no clue how they can make anything happy, almost everyone is in a bad place except for Saul and Keane who are slowly understanding the situation that they have landed themselves in. Max is stuck, Carrie and Quinn are too, O’Keefe has some weird pull over audiences and cleverly edits sound and video to make it sound like he is being villified. It’s a HUGE MESS, and they need another season JUST to explain the stuff that’s been going on.

I think this season was mostly about Quinn and most importantly, Quinnn’s past. His staging house for Mid-East operations, Robert Knepper who appeared for only two scenes in the whole show and has been missing ever since, the whole Dar Adal play and what that end-game is, there are so many moving parts! The stage for season 7 is beautifully set, unless they decide to shut everything down in the finale. That’s probably not going to happen!

The Big Little Lies finale dropped as well. A one-hour episode to cover all the ground that was left uncovered till episode 6, this could have easily been a 10 episode mini series. Obviously, I just want to increase the number of episodes because I really liked the book and would like to see an unhasty conclusion to the show with Perry and all! (Alexander Skarsgard does such a great job playing that character, he’s 7 feet tall and his scenes with the twins are the BEST!)

I haven’t seen the episode yet, I hope they did justice to the explosive finale that I am looking forward to. Scenes at the end of 1.6 showed that the setup for the climax is the same as that in the books.

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