Day 46 - Re-watching Seinfeld on Amazon Prime - The Stall and The Stake-Out

I set a goal to read 40 books this year on Goodreads at the start of this year. Last year, I read 30 and I did that pretty peacefully (December was totally free and I crammed about 5 more to go over the goal to 35). Now, I am “on track”, which means that if I don’t finish the book this week (week 14 of the year) then I will be “behind the schedule”. THAT is going to happen. This sounds so much like the iconic Taken scene:

This was a completely new take to action cinema, the hero always used to RUN for the person being kidnapped, reach there on time, or after. Then, fight everyone there to escape, this was Liam Neeson accepting that she would be taken and that he would then go and find her! I was taken the first time I saw that scene. ( WINK, WINK )

I watched the Amazon Prime Comedy specials of Naveen Richards and Varun Thakur, I am in the trial period though, so this is going to end. A gem that I did find while browsing Prime Video was Seinfeld with HINDI subtitles! When I turned them on and followed them along, I realised that they were really accurate! I wonder who had that job at Amazon: write Hindi subtitles for the greatest comedy show ever! And Kramer’s dialogues in Hindi? The next thing I am going to do after writing and posting this post will be to check out the episode “The Stall” with Hindi subtitles.

Particularly, The Stall has an exchange between Kramer and Seinfeld that starts with Kramer saying “AM I? OR AM I SO …” That scene got overshadowed by the other main premise of that episode which is the thing between Elaine and Jerry’s girlfriend and the voice of Erica / Jerry’s girlfriend being tattooed on both Elaine and Kramer’s brain for radically different reasons. Anyway, it’s a great episode and worth watching twice or a 100 times if time would allow it.

Another thing that I noticed while watching Episode 1.2 The Stake Out was the scene in which Elaine’s friend at Pamela’s birthday party, whose law firm George and Jerry stake-out. When that friend leaves, all the men at the table follow her along until she reaches the door! On my first time watching this scene, I was only looking at Jerry and the women going out the door and her boyfriend, the other men were totally out of focus to me. THIS is the pleasure of rewatching a great show!

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