Day 41 - MISSED; Progress with Emma; Comparison with Aisha;

Ah, finally, I made some real progress with Emma (Austen). The characters are realy panning out, this book is far easier to read than I would have thought of, she writes in a simple style, and there are a few complex sentences here and there, but most of them are conversational and easy to understand!

I learnt some archaic spellings that I believed were typos, hilariously. choose was spelled chuse and show was spelled shew. Very very surprising!

I am almost immediately reminded of this movie:


A 2010 Hindi movie with Sonam Kapoor as Aisha and Abhay Deol and some other good actors. Aisha is definitely inspired from Emma, she’s rich, good looking, doesn’t want to get married and has a father who indulges every one of her insane plans about the new girl that she befriends and is determined to match with a friend of hers from her own social circle, while that girl is in love with some other boy from her life before Aisha. It’s an OKAY movie, one of the songs is really good, and it’s an over-all not too heavy, chilled out account of a rich, young girl’s life. I wonder if this novel was credited in that movie. Although this kind of a story is quite common and it doesn’t need an Austen to tell us about it, the specific circumstances are too similar.

The ages of most characters have been revealed now. Knightley is 37-38, Elton is 27 and Harriet is not even 18 yet. Emma’s age hasn’t come up just yet, but I guess she would be in her twenties because she is definitely older than Harriet and Elton’s admiration (love?) for her suggests that she might be his contemporary. Knightley is the voice of reason in the book, that’s Abhay Deol character’s in the movie. At the end movie-Aisha and movie-Abhay Deol get toether and get married or something, I wonder if that’s even possible with this book. Just have to wait and see what is going to happen.

I also watched the finale of People v. O J Simpson. I didn’t know the outcome, I don’t want to spill any spoilers for the people who haven’t seen the live news coverage or the show yet. I can’t say anything about it because like one masterful scene in the show where detective Mark Fuhrman is asked:

Cochran: Did you falsify any evidence in this case? Fuhrman: I assert my Fifth Amendment privilege

This was a masterful stroke from Shapiro and Cochran.

In some more TV news, an Emmy for Rupert Friend is in the air? He had one nomination in 2013, probably for the first season as Quinn where he was THE BADASS TO BE. Now, he has a much deeper role and is pulling it off INCREDIBLY well! I wish he gets an Emmy! #EmmyForRupert

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