Day 30 - Metakgp meetup to meet the candidates for Maintainer Election March 2017

Today, we had a Metakgp meetup to meet all the candidates in our upcoming maintainer election. So, to be clear, we are not looking for a maintainer for one of our projects, rather we are looking for a maintainer for Metakgp. Their roles are diverse but would include day-to-day management, resolving conflicts between members, making the right decisions with inputs from everyone in the community and pushing the community towards a consensus if the community can’t find it on it’s own, and finally fascilitating an environment where new people would feel comfortable joining and contributing. This role is much better described at the Metakgp:Governance wiki page.

We have a lot of candidates this year. And the process is proceeding pretty smoothly. Everyone who has made a few contributions on the Wiki and atleast one commit on one of the repositories in the Github organisation is eligible to vote in this election.

Today’s meetup was about meeting the candidates, getting to know them, and seeing them and talking to them about their ideas and proposals for metakgp and how they plan to move the community forward during their tenure as a maintainer. Personally, I just wanted to meet all these people who are probably going to be making some major decisions in the next 4-12 months. It was a great meeting, and it ran for about 3-4 hours and we talked about all kinds stuff with each candidate in turn. (It was structured too!)

There were a lot of points discussed, I would like to touch on a few of them here.

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