Day 28 - Short post; Nothing here, move along

I don’t really know what to write about. It’s been about 15 minutes since I opened this file and edited the header. No idea has really occurred to me, yet.

The next issue on Github that I am going to target is the subjects.json inconsistency that is bound to happen between all Metakgp repositories.

Basically, subjects.json is meant to be a JSON file that maps subject courses offered in IIT Kharagpur to the name of the subject. Right now, there’s a JSON file that’s used. I can’t be sure that the same version of the file is used in these projects: mfqp-source, gyft. These are the only two projects I can find which use this file, I was convinced before that more projects used it! Probably because people have often asked me for that file, and used it to some other end.

Anyway, submodules would solve this problem entirely. Must work on that.

Still struggling to find something to write words about

I am going to have to end this here, it seems. This will definitely be my shortest post till now. I will strive to do better tomorrow!

POST #28 is OVER