Day 17 - Big Little Lies closing remarks; Homeland new episode anticipation

97% done, I can’t really start writing the review for Big Little Lies on Goodreads, but I can definitely say one thing about this book: IT HAD AN EXPLOSIVE ENDING. COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED, and it’s not unexpected in the old fashioned new-character-arrives-and-then-wtf? way, but in a this-ending-ties-up-loose-ends-all-over-the-book way! It would, of course be a HUGE spoiler, so I can’t really talk about it. Which isn’t ideal, but I can bear that!

By the way, this book is now a HBO TV Series: Big Little Lies. For this TV Series, I made some predictions for who would be cast as which character when I had just started reading that book:

For now, I think Kidman is Celeste (from Jane’s description of Celeste when she first sees her), and Reese is probably Jane (?). I still haven’t seen the trailer or anything, so this is rather exciting!

Atleast one of my predictions turns out be true! Apart from this, in the TV series, I am glad to see how they plan to show a single plot point that’s easy on paper, but much harder in TV without making the right connections in the plot and also keeping the realization scene on trivia night make sense. This show goes right on to my to-watch list!

After the ending, the characters that I fell in love with even more than before was Celeste! Her off-hand way of analysing her wealth, and how she married up, in her own words, is a refreshing take on wealth and how the wealthy really feel delicate and subtle around everyone else. Especially, her internal monologue about how she could easily solve most of Maddie’s or Jane’s problems with money, but Maddie wouldn’t really accept her gifts and that was the basic problem with her approach!

Another telling line that happens with Perry is when something happens and Celeste thinks to herself Perry wouldn’t like being embarassed in front of Ed and Madeline, both of whom he admired. Of course, this line … That would be a spoiler. I decided to drop that line from here. God, it’s so hard to talk about this book in a clean manner!

Another episode that’s also on my watchlist if Homeland’s 6.7. Already, Twitter has gone crazy over it with the connection between Quinn and Carrie becoming even more pronounced! It would be so anti-climactic if they don’t get together by the end of this season. There are 6 episodes left, so there’s a lot that can still happen. I am frankly rather shocked with how GOOOOOD this season is!

The other TV series that I have seen, that have gone upto season 6, were Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, both of them went downhill from their season 4. Both those series are still going on, probably (?).

Anyway, something major seems to have gone down in this Homeland episode! The photo that came out of Franny, Quinn and the stuffed-rabbit Hop has gone absolutely viral (?) in the Homeland fan handles atleast. Saul is at this point in the season hopelessly sidelined. Keane has also been almost equally sidelined by Dar (whose power is worthy of admiration!). Hopefully, this situation will resolve and Keane will talk to Carrie about the Seku Bah situation.

I can’t believe it’s been only 17 days since I started doing this. It seems like an eternity! I guess when you have to write atleast 400 words each day, days seem to go by slower than they would otherwise.

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