Day 14 - MISSED; Age of Adaline, Backing up and nautilus ETAs

ARGH! I succumbed to it. But now I am twice as determined as before to not miss another day. (Technically, I am not missing yesterday because I am going to write two posts at 2017-03-04 23:20 UTC+5.5. But I definitely missed posting yesterday, and I am going to refuse to let that happen!) Also, this post is going to be as if I wrote it last night, that’s the only sane way to write this so that the series will make sense at a later time.

Today is the D-Day for the upgraded installation of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Atleast, it should have been. But it didn’t work out! I couldn’t get the backups on time.

I had to copy about 27 GB + 1.5 GB data to different partitions on the main hard drive and an external hard drive. I posted this series of tweets and pictures about my experience with the copying thing. Basically, the estimates that Nautilus gave me were just plain wrong. LIES, Jimmy LIES!

Meanwhile, I was watching Age of Adaline. It was such a great movie! The trailer is pretty shady, with her not aging and all that, the beginning is a bit weird considering the amount of story that is conveyed in voice-over. But as the movie goes on and we get to know Adaline / Jenny well, and Harrison Ford comes into the picture, their flashback etc, the movie gets really good! It’s one of those movies that redeems itself as time goes on! I definitely wish I could have seen that in a movie theater, I don’t know why, there weren’t a lot of great or theater screen worthy scenes or anything, but it just felt like the kind of movie that would stick with you forever if you had seen it in a theatre. Like Titanic. (Titanic stuck with everyone no matter where they saw it. Well, so much for finding a good analogy.)

While this backing up process was going on, I also managed to make significant progress in Big Little Lies. I also saw that the episodes are literally being released this week, there have been 2 or 3 already released and the remaining will be released in the next few weeks! Now, I absolutely must complete the book this weekend and catch up on the series. Reese Witherspoon is absolutely stunning in the first episode’s thumbnail (is she Celeste? God, that suspense is different and almost equal to the suspense of who was murdered! That information has been carefully hidden till now.)

Also, the Celeste thing in the book is so surprising! I never pegged her for the kind of person who would plan years and years into the future. You know what I am talking about, I bet there has to be a reason for that, right! A reason there almost certainly has to be for her line “Once the boys have given their last high-school exam, …”


Celeste says that she will leave her husband Perry as soon as Max and Josh (her twin sons) are done with high school! Why? No clue, I will wait for the reason to be revealed!

POST #14 is OVER