Day 13 - Using Ansys Workbench, Tigo and Yelle

Very few times have I said that learning a new project has been fun! Today definitely qualifies!

I had to learn Ansys for something that I need to do for my bachelor’s and master’s theses. Some simulations of loading conditions, and find out the values of stress, where the values are maximum etc. There are two software packages to do this: Abaqus and Ansys. Abaqus wouldn’t install, so I tried Ansys, the instalation was a breeze! IIT Kharagpur has a License Server running on the internal network, so there are no file installation keys etc. The license is on the network, that’s GREAT!

Anyway, switch to Windows 8, a 45 minute or so installation, 5 more minutes to reboot.

Start Ansys Workbench, wander around it aimlessly for 30 minutes, accept that you need help, go to Youtube and search “Ansys Workbench Tensile Test Tutorial”, search for the right tutorial.

I ended up on this really really good tutorial for Ansys Workbench which is absolutely lucid, and doesn’t have one step that was skipped. And there’s a voiceover guiding you what to do! These are the best tutorials!

So, finally, after all that effort, I ended up being able to simulate a tensile test on a Steel specimen.

The animation feature is pretty nice to look at, and serves really well to put here as my first real attempt at using Ansys:


Cloudfare came out with their official partial post-mortem of the Cloudbleed bug that affected them on 18th February, 2017. They were down for a bit, their parser was broken. It’s a good read, and it’s pretty technical heavy also, which I greatly appreciate. They are a great company, and I have used their web dashboard for where we use Cloudfare to provide HTTPS to the users of our website, without having an SSL certificate for our domain on the server.

The two artists mentioned in the title are the people who’s songs that I will share here today:

I am still making insignificant progress in Big Little Liars, the three main characters are now introduced and ready to get started with. By the way, it’s not clear who has been murdered, Bonnie is alive. I hope it’s not one of these three.

Fun fact: I know that Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon are in the TV Adaptation of this book, and I tried to figure out who would be what character. For now, I think Kidman is Celeste (from Jane’s description of Celeste when she first sees her), and Reese is probably Jane (?). I still haven’t seen the trailer or anything, so this is rather exciting!

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