Day 11 - Color Constancy, Heroku down, git patch in pu

Information overload. There’s been a lot going on on the Internet today. (This is just the last 1 hour of my time spent on Twitter reading up about “important things”)

  1. This just broke, the color constancy thing. (This resurrects The Dress. I saw Blue and Black, re-tweeted this picture, and then I came back to copy the link, and I saw White and Gold. OH GOD.

  2. Color constancy came back exactly 1 year after The Dress, The Strawberries have come to haunt us. Not a single Red pixel in this picture, and yet everyone sees Red strawberries. decided to write a great article on this! This is a great article.

    You brain says, ‘the light source that I’m viewing these strawberries under has some blue component to it, so I’m going to subtract that automatically from every pixel.’ And when you take grey pixels and subtract out this blue bias, you end up with red

  3. Heroku is DOWN: WHOA. I just found this when I ran a mundane heroku logs --tail and realised that Heroku was down for the first time in my life. I have never seen a major service Outage at Heroku. I have seen many at Github, because they seem to go down so often ( :-( ) A few photos to commemorate this momentous occasion (Not really.) From Incident 1059



Also, my patch series to git which implements the “hyphen means previous branch” shorthand in log, and a bunch of other commands is now in “Needs review”, as per this week’s “What’s cooking in git.git” post.


Apparently, patches that are in “Needs review” are reviewed by other maintainers who track the “What’s cooking” messages and assign work to themselves! So, I can expect to be waiting for review on my patch for the next couple weeks or so, and also make changes to it and re-roll the patches in case someone feels that is required. This is most certainly the easier part. Once this gets merged into “next”, I would definitely like to post an “archive” of sorts of the way I took to tackle this feature addition, and how I finally came down to the code that got accepted into atleast “Needs review” status.

P.S. I realise that each day these posts are getting shorter and shorter. And everyday, I hope, in vain, that the next day something incredibly interesting would happen and I can write about it here at length. Not to be, not yet atleast.

POST #11 is OVER