Day 9 - More thoughts about All the Missing Girls again.

Ah, another slow day. Most of the time today I spent doing nothing or reading All the Missing Girls. I am of course going to write atleast a paragraph about the progress I have made in the book, because I went from Day 13 or something, to the last three days: Day 3, 2 and 1, etc.

The book has really opened up. While in the beginning I thought that the writing was so cliched with a lot of metaphors and sentences like “She was like that”, “I was the monster”, etc, I am finally understanding what Nicolette really feels like. One particular paragraph which I think is incredibly revealing for her character is this one:

Change your hair, leave everyone behind. Go someplace new and never look back. You can do it. We can do it.

She thinks of this when she is talking with Everett about his life, and how he is a lawyer but he might not really want to be. Nicolette did it once, she went to a new place, she didn’t really look back until now when she is really spending a lot more time here, and this has clearly destroyed her.

Her relationship with Corinne is also explored further in the part of the book that I read today. Corinne is Alison, no doubt about that. She’s unapolegetic, she believes she can have the world, she is mean and has a disturbed life at home, she has a boyfriend who can barely keep up with her betrayals and breaking-up and getting-back-together routine.

There are many key facts about their whole thing that is laid out in front of the reader. So, if you are reading this book and are feeling disoriented after about 100-130 pages into the book, know that it gets better and the story gets easier to understand and put together. Sidenote: It’s one hell of a confusing book, the reverse chronological narration totally disorients even people who have read non-linear story lines like Catch-22. So, brace yourselves. This book requires a lot of attention. From the Elle review:

Are you paying attention? You’ll need to be; this thriller will test your brain with its reverse chronological structure, and it’s a page-turner to boot

It’s from this article, which I had to use Google to find. Sometimes, DuckDuckGo just can’t. They get A for effort, and a HUGE HUGE A+ shoutout for dropping my use of Google so much. I appreciate the fact that they are working on this, and I hope I can donate to them soon. If you don’t already use DuckDuckGo, you should start right away!

Hmm, that seems like it. I have been thinking about what to write for a few minutes now, and there’s nothing, so that’s it. Tomorrow might be better!