The Short One.

This is my first post in 2015. It is pretty weird that I have not posted anything throughout January, despite a lot of things happenning. (Especially Spring Fest, at which Farhan Akhtar performed.)

The performance was one of the best that I had ever been to. And it was definitely the best performance for some years to come. Last year’s Agni’s performance and Salim-Sulaiman’s performance does compare to this performance but only to some extent!

This is going to be a short post because as I speak, I am inching closer to a Thermodynamics test. The test starts at 5:30, about 3.5 hours from now, and the thing to be highlighted about the test is that it is goign to take place in the Computer and Informatics Centre. We use a software called the Engineering Equation Solver (a pretty drab name) by a company called FChart.

We have been using this for the past few days and there are good days and then there are bad days. The editor that the software ships in (most of the time we spend using the software is in the editor) does not have any basic functionality. It seems a like an extended version of the Notepad editor, that ships with all Windows Installations. The functionality is surprisingly poor. (Only one undo operation). A full stack programmer’s editor (Sublime or Vim or Emacs) does not even compare with that. It obviously doesn’t have multiple cursors, although we definitely need it. (Copying stuff over three times is definitely a waste of time!)

Apart from this, I am using CyanogenMod 12 Beta 5 as my daily driver on Xperia L. I flashed it sometime around the last week of Spring Fest. CM 11 was the first Operating System that I flashed. I felt great about the customisability that it gave me. Xperia L does not have a stable version on their website and so I had to flash a nightly build. The builds work well, but they often create trouble. WiFi is one of the things that often goes down. Not connecting to any network, and then having to either re-flash the phone or factory reset it and then have WiFi not connect all over again. This went on for a couple of weeks when I read about CM 12 and that it was being released in Beta for XL. I immediately grabbed the zip, but I did not flash it for a long time after that.

When I finally flashed it, the WiFi didn’t work and I had to peek around a bit and reflash it a sizable number of times before I could get it working. But I did get it working and I have been using it for some time now.

Beta 6 has been released but I have not yet flashed it onto the phone. I probably won’t for some more time. (With Mid Semester approaching, I need to stop doing everything except study! :P)

At Team AUV IIT KGP (, we have made our first year recruitments for all the three teams (Mechanical, Embedded and beloved Software, which I belong to!)