Going Home

It’s that time of the Fall semester again. About 70 days ago, we came back and started second year (Yay!). And now we are going back, “The Durga Puja Vacations.”, and unlike last year, (when it was a badly scheduled 5 day holiday), this year it is 5 weekdays, and with the two weekends, preceding it and succeeding it, you learn to put them all together, and get 9 days out of it! The campus is slowly emptying out, those without labs, would mostly have left the campus, ( the three days after mid-semester exams, hardly matter! :P )

I am still here. Leaving tomorrow. It would be a 26 hour train journey to Chennai (yeah, new home!).

The Mid Semester exam is the one other thing that I haven’t really talked about yet. But I am not even sure if I wanna talk about it at all. I guess I should just wait till the results to come out! (I am so not looking forward to Fluid Mechanics.)

The last few days, have been very hectic. After my last post, there were two exams to go (one of them was coincidentally, Fluid Mechanics!), and they were in quick succession, so I have been pretty up to my neck in fluid’s and differential equations! And now, well, Now I watched the Keynote of the September 2014 Event, the iPhone 6 release! The new iPhone has a barometer in it, Wow!

And one last thing, before I go into no-internet land for about 30 hours! Front-end is cool. Actually, writing front-end is. After setting up Sass, CSS became cool. And after finding CSS Animations, The whole “Gradually-do-whatever-you-wanna-do” thing caught fire. Like, literally!

I have been writing the Project Pages for Create Together and Assyst (Yes! I found a name that makes sense!). The create together project page is online! And it’s pretty simple and all that, but I kinda like it!

I am working on the Assyst page, and I hope it get’s done soon! After that, I would probably move back to rails, and try to get a feel for it!