4 exams, three days.

Four exams, two of which were “Science of Living Systems” and “Environmental Science” (Who thought we would have to study these in college! :/ ). And the other two were Dynamics and Transform Calculus.

Although, at the very beginning, I was pretty afraid of Dynamics, (Analysing moving parts always freaked me out!), I turned out to love Dynamics, surprisingly! Transform Calculus, has always been great!

But I guess, the emphasis should be on the fact that, these papers were within a span of 72 hours. And in quick succession. Morning Afternoon, + 24 hours and +36 hours. Which was just bad!

But somehow, it’s over, and we are up and running again.

Right about now, almost everyone started the countdown for Durga Puja vacations, starting next Friday, going till October 6th. And yes, everyone has tickets, and (almost) everyone is ready to shoot home!

meanwhile, rails has me totally fascinated! The one thing that has blown me away, totally, uptill now, is how much of the work Ruby does for you. And once you have it setup, there’s hardly anything else to be done. Create controllers, models and views, everything with one command. Moving from CodeIgniter to Rails, has been a freeing experience. I need to type less. Everything is just so obvious. Model.delete deletes the record that is given to it as a parameter, and that is just so obvious. If course is a variable and I redirect to it, then it will go to the show page of the controller. And that is too good! because now, much like printing class objects in python, I don’t need to think whether I will end up with some Hex gibberish which I would be unable to understand, I just need to define the show action for the controller object and there you are! I can see every variable in the same exact format.

And after this, somehow, working with Rails, I found the seamless Sass integration. Although I had never used Sass before, partly because I wasn’t really ready to set up a lot, but mostly because, I didn’t write a lot of CSS. But now, I wanted to do something pretty normal, I wanted the class form-control which is the bootstrap class for input elements, to all the form input elements, throughout the application. If I am using a form input element, then it should have the form-control class.

I set out on a voyage, and returned with the treasure. Although, I had to add stuff to the Gemfile and then run bundle install, to install the bootstrap sass dependency, I was victorious! I had figured out how to import the bootstrap sass library and also truly inherit classes using Sass.

So, Now, I am set up to do a lot! Although, I have an application in mind, I don’t really know, if I am gonna start out right away, or if I am gonna give some more time to learning more about Ruby and it’s capabilities, which truly, seem to be endless.