Installed Ruby. Yay!

Often called, the best language to develop web applications, Rails, has pretty much been a stranger to me, much to my disbelief (at not being able to install a simple package on my machine, even after asking so many other people) and unhappiness (I really do wanted to get on board, with the language that was being used in SO many web applications, starting right from GitHub! [ Which is probably the best web application out there! ]).

But now I have it installed. Yay!

Once I installed Ruby, from source, (because apt-get didn’t work, and I didn’t wanna debug.) Fingers-crossed, I fired up the first command. rails new blog.

I had a lot of ideas for the application that I wanna create, but the get started guide, has almost always gotten me exactly where I wanted to be, in all the languages that I have ever tried to learn (with the exception of Django, which, unfortuately, I never got! Although, I tried a lot, and even completed the first page of the tutorial, for some reason, on my machine, the admin page, which is described right at the beginning of the next page just refuses to display. And thus, I was stone-walled right there.)

And it worked. I had a new app, but not without any baggage though, it said something like I wanna install bundle, so enter your sudo password, I did that willingly. I have come to trust CLIs that ask me for my sudo passwords! (At some point, during the ruby installation, I was so frustrated, I typed exactly what it wanted me to.)

Of course, later, I found that there were two major reasons for this installation fiasco, that I was getting stuck in too often, these days.

10 hours from now, I will be sitting inside an examination hall, giving the Mid Semester examination for “Science of Living Systems”, and whoa! I am so excited about that! -_- (Although, I know smilies won’t be rendered, I just couldn’t help myself right there!)

And ironically, I got Ruby on Rails now.