Homeland. Thriller, but then, it's simply frustrating

Every time that Carrie is sure that something is going to happen, that thing obviously doesn’t happen, but it is basically because Brody is on both sides of the play. And he knows what’s going on here. Having recently completed Season 1, and appalled at the fact that Carrie was fired from the CIA, because of something that was true, but just didn’t play out as she had put it, and having seen the second episode of the second season, I believe, that this is Carrie’s redemption.

The SD Card, containing the Video that Brody had recorded thinking that he is going to die due to the suicide bomb, is now with Saul. And although, I have never seen what’s on the video (it would probably be played in the next episode!), I am pretty sure it must be pretty damn incriminating. But I don’t really know if that’s enough to get Carrie her job back.

Returning from Beirut, Carrie is pretty much shocked and I believe slightly happy too, after all she was right about her source. And the two chases in Beirut, were enough to get anyone’s adrenaline shooting. David Estes still doesn’t trust her, and I really can’t figure him out, or the Vice President. Why the heck does he keep showing everything to Brody?

The one text message from Brody to Nazir, pretty much stopped the season from ending at the episode yesterday, but it was interesting nonetheless, nail-biting, even. I am pretty sure that the next thing Saul is gonna do is check if Brody was in on the operation, and without Carrie in the scene, and coming from Saul, David Estes will have to accept whatever he says to be credible enough, to move on it.

As for me, well, I really do want to see Carrie back in the Agency. Working with Saul. And now that she has reached some kind of a mid-way between fixed and not-fixed, due to her being bi-polar, This seems to be on the Horizon for now!