Day 98 - Rains a bit, Floods a lot in Koramangala

08:00 pm: Walk into a restaurant for dinner with a few friends and seniors from IIT KGP.

11:30 pm: Decide to step outside and be faced with one feet of water in every direction the eye can see.


The best reference to come up with here is: July 26, 2005, Bombay

I was there, 9 years old at the time. Hardly understanding what the fuss was about, schools weren’t there for a few days I was definitely real happy about THAT. There was a lot of stuff going on at that time in the city, I got to know of most of them after the fact. As stories that were recounted several times whenever the topic of flooding came back.

As I am reading the wikipedia page, I am extremely surprised to see that there were PAPERS written on the topic!

Andharia (2006) contrasts the “widespread acts of generosity and altruism” in Mumbai with the general social disorder that was seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Well well well. I don’t want to read that paper because it is probably blabbering on and on about Indian culture and tradition and the helping tendency of Mumbaikars etc. There’s nothing worth being in a paper there. And especially, comparing to something like a Hurricane in the US which was properly managed is unfair.

12 years on, I waded through knee deep water for about 700 m before we were on High ground again and able to reach home safely.

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